Monday, December 11, 2006

Double Digit Returns since Jan 2006


All SBB equity funds registered double digit returns since Jan 2006

Good news! All our 20 equity funds (minus AEF which is less than one-year old) have posted double digit returns since 2 Jan 2006. In other words, investors who have been with us since beginning of the year are now getting at least 12.74% return on investment in any of our equity based funds.

SBB equity based funds (n = 20)

Total Return*


SBB Composite Index


SBB Crystal Equity


SBB Dana Al-Azam


SBB Dana Al-Faiz


SBB Dana Al-Hikmah


SBB Dana Al-Ihsan


SBB Dana Al-Ihsan 2


SBB Dana Al-Ikhlas


SBB Double Growth


SBB Emerging Companies Growth


SBB Enterprise


SBB Equity Income


SBB Global Growth


SBB HGF Sequel


SBB High Growth


SBB Index-Linked**


SBB Premium Capital


SBB Sector Rotation


SBB Strategic Equity


SBB Value


*Calculated based on NAV-to-NAV

**INF is closed for new sales

Thank you for your support and happy investing.

Investment Services Department

Thursday, November 16, 2006

CIMB Global Asset Spectra Fund Details

Fund Details

Global Asset Spectra Fund

Fund Objective

Fund aims to provide capital growth over medium to long term through investments in a diversified portfolio of local and/or foreign collective investment

Investment timeframe

Recommended five (5) years or more

Fund category

Fund of Funds

Fund type


Distribution policy

Given its investment objective, the Fund is not expected to pay any distribution

Maximum approved fund size

300 million units

Minimum investment amount


Minimum additional investment


Minimum withdrawal amount


Minimum balance


Application fee

4.50 to 6.50% is charged on the NAV per unit

Annual management fee

Up to 1.80% per annum of the net asset value of the Fund

Annual trustee fee

0.07% of the Fund’s NAV (minimum of RM18,000 per annum)

Initial Offer period

21 days from the launch date (13 Nov - 3 Dec 2006)

Initial Selling Price


NAV per Unit


Investment Mode

Cash Only

For detail please contact :
H/P No. : 012-6285101
CIMB Wealth Advisors Bhd

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SBB Mutual is now CIMB Wealth Advisors

Friday, June 02, 2006

CIMB-Principal aims to rope in EPF on Asia Pac fund

CIMB-Principal Asset Management Bhd is applying to the Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) to allow the latter's contributors to invest their funds in its Asia Pacific fund, CIMB-Principal chief executive Noripah Kamiso said.

“We expect to get a response from the EPF in a month and a half,” she told reporters after launching the Asia Pacific Adil fund, Malaysia’s first Asia Pacific Syariah compliant unit trust fund, in Kuala Lumpur on June 2.

Noripah said permission was needed under the Finance Ministry's guidelines before the fund can be invested abroad by a foreign asset management company.

UOB Asset Management Ltd is the sub manager of the fund to manage the foreign equity portion of the Asia Pacific Adil Fund portfolio.

Asia Pacific Adil Fund, which has a size of 300 million units at 50 sen each, allows investors access to 14 Asian equity markets: Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Half of the fund will be invested in Japan, 13% in Australia, 10% in South Korea, 6% in China, 5% in Taiwan and 16% in the remaining countries.

The annual management fee and trustee fees are 1.8% per annum and 0.07% per annum, respectively, while the application fee is 5%. The minimum investment is RM2,000.

Noripah aims for the fund to be fully subscribed within 21 days from its offer period.

She said CIMB-Principal is nearing the 30% overseas investment limit imposed by Bank Negara Malaysia and is trying to increase its fund base to have higher overseas investment margins.

She said the merger of CIMB-Principal and SBB Mutual Bhd would see the group asset management size rising to RM16 billion by year-end.

On the returns on investment in the Asia Pacific equity market, UOB Asset Management Asia Pacific Equities head Koh Swee Nguan said: “Historically investment in Asia Pacific equities over a period of three to five years has generated returns of between 11% and 12%.”

~courtesy of (02/06/2006)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

CIMB Asia Pacific Adil Fund Fact Sheet

Name of Fund:

CIMB-Principal Asia Pacific Adil Fund

Management Company:

CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad


HSBC (Malaysia) Trustee Berhad

Investment Manager:

CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad

Sub Fund Manager:

UOB Asset Management Limited

Syariah Advisor:

Amanie Business Solutions

Objective of Fund:

Asia Pacific Adil Fund aims to achieve long term capital appreciation and income while complying with Islamic investment criteria, through investments in the emerging and developed markets of Asia Pacific.

Investment Strategy:

The Fund is predominantly an equity fund which invests through shares listed in the stock exchanges in the emerging and developed markets of Asia Pacific, i.e. Japan, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

Asset allocation:

The Fund predominantly will invest 70% - 98% in Shariah permissible shares, stocks, warrants, options or other stock purchase rights, participation in a mutual fund and other interests in collective investment schemes.

The Fund may also invest up to 30% into Shariah-compliant profit sharing debt instruments and deposits.

Investor profile:

The Fund is suitable for investors who are seeking:

· for an investment into Shariah compliant equities throughout Asia Pacific region

· to accept equity risks to garner potentially greater returns over the medium to long term investment horizon.


The Dow Jones Islamic Market Asia/Pacific Index.

Fund Size:

300,000,000 units

Fund category:

Equity Fund

Fund type:


Minimum initial investment:


Minimum additional investment:


Minimum redemption amount:


Minimum Holding:


Selling price per unit (initial):

RM0.50 per unit

Sales charge per unit:

5% of the NAV

Repurchase charge per unit:


Management fee:

An annual fee of 1.80% of the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund calculated on a daily basis.

Annual Trustee Fee:

0.07% per annum of the NAV of the Fund,subject to a minimum fee of RM18,000 per annum

Switching Fee:

There will be two free switches per annum where 1.00% of the total amount will be chargeable thereafter. The minimum amount for each switch is RM1,000 and is available to any of the Funds (except money market fund) offered by CIMB-Principal. Switching from one fund to another may be subject to switching fees (kindly refer to the Master Prospectus for further details)


Certificates are not issued. A Confirmation Advice (CA) will be issued to the unit holder.

Redemption Charge:


Fund Transfer:

Permissible, with RM50.00 minimum charge (subject to fund managers’ discretion

Distribution policy:

Regular distributions are not the focus of this fund. Distributions if any are at the discretion of the Manager.

Investment options :

Lump sum cash plan / Regular Investment Plan

Tuesday, May 16, 2006



Dear All Investor,

Again we are pleased to announce that we will be carrying the latest fund, this time from CIMB-Principal Asset Management Berhad – CIMB-PRINCIPAL Asia Pacific ADIL fund on 2nd June 2006!

The Fund aims to achieve long term capital appreciation and income while complying with Islamic investment criteria, through investments into Shariah compliant equities throughout Asia Pacific region. The Fund will be managed in partnership with UOB Asset Management Ltd, Singapore’s most awarded fund management company for investment in local, regional and global markets and across global sectors.

This Fund is suitable for investors looking for ethical investments and also to complement your clients’ portfolio of conventional funds, through higher weightage in certain sectors such as healthcare, materials, oil and gas.

Kindly be informed that this Fund is ONLY OPENED FOR CASH INVESTMENT.

In conjunction with this launch, we are running a special promotion during the 21-day Initial Offer Period (2 June 2006 to 22 June 2006) as outlined below: · 0.5% FREE additional units for investments of RM5,000 & above during the Initial Offer Period; & (Note – Free additional units offered during IOP is not counted for campaigns, maintenance contract and other agency benefits)

For Futher Fund Details,
Please contact :
Unit Trust Consultant

Happy Investing!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Global Property Fund vs KLCI & Global Equity Fund Benchmark From 25/20/ 2005 To 26/04/2006

Dear all investor,

I have generated a few fund's benchmark reports to share with you all.

1.KLCI(Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) VS AmGlobal Property Equity Fund since Inception


25/10/2005 904.75 0.00% 0.9429 0.00%
14/11/2005 896.19 -0.94% 0.9429 0.00%
29/11/2005 898.63 -0.67% 0.9605 1.86%
14/12/2005 898.80 -0.64% 0.9767 3.54%
29/12/2005 900.49 -0.45% 0.9973 5.63%
17/01/2006 907.52 0.35% 1.0234 8.23%
07/02/2006 923.84 2.15% 1.0435 10.20%
22/02/2006 924.40 2.21% 1.0548 11.30%
09/03/2006 920.91 1.84% 1.0594 11.75%
24/03/2006 926.09 2.41% 1.0955 15.13%
10/04/2006 942.47 4.17% 1.1027 15.80%
24/04/2006 943.36 4.27% 1.1032 15.86%

Conclusion :Based on the analysis above we can conclude that AmGlobal Property Fund is outperformed the KLCI inception of the AmGlobal Property Fund.AmGlobal Property Fund fully subscribed within 2 weeks time since its first launched.The second Global Property fund launched by Hwang DBS (Hwang DBS Global Property Fund) is selling fast now and only left 95million units left since launched 19 April 2006.It's predicted to be fully subscribed in 2 weeks from the launch date due to the hot demand of Global REIT compared to the Global Equity from the investors.So act fast,before u miss the golden opportunity!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Additional units from SBB Global Growth Fund fully subscribed!!

Additional units from SBB Global Growth Fund fully subscribed

All 600 million units of SBB Global Growth Fund (GGF) were fully subscribed and the Fund is now closed for new investment effective March 22, 2006.

GGF received approval from the Securities Commission to increase its fund size to 600 million units on 6 February 2006, after its initial approved fund size of 400 million units was fully subscribed in less than 2 months after its was launched in November last year.

“We thank our investors for their confidence in us and our outsourced foreign fund manager, Franklin Templeton Investments,” said SBB Mutual Chief Executive Officer Mr Tan Beng Wah. “The enthusiastic response of investors for the SBB Global Growth Fund reflects Malaysian investors’ recognition of opportunities for diversification of their investment portfolio. In combination with their current investments in Malaysia, a diversified portfolio is likely to bring better returns.”

GGF is a true-to-label global equity fund that invests entirely in approved-foreign markets (excluding Malaysia). It is suitable for investors who have a long-term view to investment and seek high level of international diversification.

This is the 2nd global fund to be closed for new investment following the closure of the SBB Global Balanced Fund in mid-March this year, which was also fully subscribed in less than 2 months after its official launch.

Lee Foo Yee
SBB Mutual Berhad

SBB Global Balanced Fund fully subscribed!

The Edge (17 March 2006)

SBB Global Balanced Fund fully subscribed!

SBB Mutual Bhd’s second global fund, SBB Global Balanced Fund (GBF) has been fully subscribed in less than two months after its launch.

It said all 400 million units of GBF was fully subscribed on March 14. This follows closely the success of the SBB Global Growth Fund (GGF) which was also fully subscribed in January.

The third fund launched under the SBB Global Fund Series is the SBB Asian Equity Fund (AEF).

In a statement on March 16, SBB Mutual said all three funds were true-to-label foreign funds and had received tremendous support from it s distributors and the investors.

Tan Beng Wah, CEO of SBB Mutual said: “The GGF was re-opened with an additional 200 million units in February, and that is being taken up quickly too.”

He said AEF, which was launched on March 1, 2006, was also receiving encouraging response from the investors.

Tan added that SBB Mutual would continue to offer more innovative funds, both domestic and global funds this year to cater more specifically to the needs of the public.

AEF invests in the Asian region for capital growth by investing in equities and equity related instruments.

GGF seeks long-term capital growth in global equities and debt obligations of companies and governments worldwide and is suitable for investors with an investment horizon of more than five years.

GBF aims to provide investors with capital appreciation and current income over the long term by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income securities worldwide.

Franklin Templeton Investments is the outsourced foreign fund manager undertaking the investment management function of the global funds.

Courtesy of...

Lee Foo Yee
SBB Mutual Berhad

Friday, April 14, 2006


GREAT NEWS to all our customers!

Following our earlier circular no. 131/2006/FIN dated 6 April 2006, we wish to advise that effective 10 April 2006, new and existing investors who sign up an SI(Regular Saving) using Southern Bank account through our agency force to invest in SBB Mutual’s proprietary funds and 3rd party funds will be exempted from the monthly RM1.50 charge.